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2013 Houston Texans Offseason: Voluntary Workouts Began This Morning

With the Texans reporting back to Reliant Stadium for voluntary workouts this morning, Nick Scurfield of the team's official site shares a handful of observations.

The best?  The best.
The best? The best.
Bob Levey

Meant to get a post up on this earlier, but better late than never. As Nick Scurfield notes, your Houston Texans began their "voluntary" workouts this morning at Reliant Stadium. I put voluntary in quotation marks because, while the CBA assures the workouts are indeed not mandatory, the Texans have over the years made it clear to their guys that they expect their players to be there. Scurfield tweets some of his observations from a pass through the locker room this morning:

Oh, J.J. You can make a grown man swoon.