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Battle Red Newswire: Would You Like The Warranty With That?

The upgrades to Reliant Stadium are on schedule, just in time for Houston's bid for Super Bowl LI. Check out today's Texans news in the Battle Red Newswire.

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Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Houston Texans News

Would you like the warranty with that?
The process of upgrading Reliant Stadium's video boards is on schedule. When installed, the video boards will be the widest of any pro sports stadium. 14,549 square feet of HD screen surface on each screen was a necessary upgrade as Houston gears up to make a run at hosting Super Bowl LI.


Baker Backs out of Super Bowl Committee
Speaking of Houston and Super Bowl LI, the Houston committee has been forced to make last minute changes. The NFL informed honorary chairman of Houston's Super Bowl Committee, James A. Baker III, that he can't participate in Houston's presentation. Baker, the former Chief of Staff for Ronald Reagan's first term and George H. W. Bush's final year, was too much of a "celebrity" in the NFL's eyes. The Committee will push on in hopes of edging out San Francisco and South Florida for Super Bowl LI.

Around the League

Goodbye, Mr. Summerall
Hall of Fame broadcaster and former New York Giants kicker Pat Summerall has passed away at the age of 82. Summerall was best known for his work with John Madden. In other words, he was the calm voice in the rambling storm that is John Madden. Summerall is one of the last broadcasters I watched and listened to no matter the game; he had mastered framing a game to take sport to art. Summerall was a mix of Mr. Rodgers and Vin Scully, a style that has been lost in today's Gus Johnson scream-filled world.


Chris Strauss of USA TODAY Sports breaks down why Tim Tebow won't be on an NFL roster when the 2013 season rolls around. Here is my version of that article:

Why Tim Tebow won't make an NFL roster in 2013?
By Ryan Dunsmore

There is only one reason: because he is Tim Tebow.

Need I say more? Trolling aside, Tebow is a below-average NFL quarterback that brings more drama than Brett Favre to a team. Tebow is already set up for life after football; the TV cameras are waiting for him.


Party Like a Rock Star
National Football Scouting president Jeff Foster, the director for the NFL Combine, has confirmed a report that two players trashed their hotel room while at the combine. Foster wouldn't elaborate on which potential NFL players were staying in said room. Half-eaten food was in the bed, trash was everywhere, and, worst of all, urine and feces were found all over the bathroom. The players and their agents denied everything when questioned by Foster and the hotel. While an interesting story, I have to ask who in their right mind destroys a hotel room when they're on a job interview?


Cruz is a No Show
Voluntary offseason workouts started all around the NFL yesterday, one key player missing is wide receiver Victor Cruz. Cruz, a restricted free agent, has until Friday to find a taker for his services outside of the Giants. If a team does, in fact, pick him up, (1) the Giants can match the offer and (2) the Giants would get a first round pick if they didn't sign him. Is Cruz worth a first round pick? I expect Cruz to be back with the Giants by the start of the season.


Hernandez Has Successful Surgery
The Patriots all-world duo of tight ends are currently far from game ready. While the end of Rob Gronkowski's injury is not in sight, Aaron Hernandez had successful shoulder surgery that will have him back by training camp. I'm sure Texans fans everywhere are overwhelmed with joy by this news.


NFL Missing the Point
The NFL is reviving a symposium to help minority candidate join the head coaching ranks. The league has the perspective that the candidates are the problem, when in reality the problem is with the people hiring the coaches. If teams have to be forced to interview a minority candidate, NFL front offices are already in the wrong mindset.


Schedule is Back on Schedule
The NFL will announce the 2013 on Thursday at 7 p.m. CDT; check back with BRB for a breakdown of the Texans schedule as we receive the news.

Speaking of the NFL calendar, the NFL is once again attempting to move the combine, draft, and free agency period further back in the calendar. The end goal is to have football to take over the news cycle the majority of the year.

I don't understand professional and collegiate bodies pushing everything back further and further. The NCAA basketball championship is now played in April, the NBA is almost year round, and the NHL playoffs are played over three months. That appears to be a moot point because the NFLPA and its players are pushing back against the plan. NFL free agents want to know what teams they will play for as soon as possible.