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Battle Red Newswire: What's Wrong With Houston?

The Rockets follow the Texans' lead, backing into the playoffs. Steve McKinney will announce the Texans' second round pick. Check out today's Texans news in the Battle Red Newswire.

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This shrine to bearddom is on my shelf right now.
This shrine to bearddom is on my shelf right now.
Scott Halleran

Houston Texans News

With The Second Round Pick....

A member of the inaugural Texans roster and former Texas A&M Aggie, Steve McKinney will announce the Texans' second round pick. McKinney was the first free agent signing in Texans franchise history and started 67 straight games while with the Texans. We always talk about the first round., but which player would you want McKinney to announce? What position becomes more valuable in the second round of the 2013 NFL Daft?


Red Nation Falls Short

The excellent Houston Rockets blog on SB Nation, The Dream Shake, attempted to make a connection between the end of the season for both the Rockets and Texans. The Rockets fell flat against the lowly Phoenix Suns and the Kobe-less Los Angeles Lakers.

Yes, I can see the comparison, but it feels more par for the course for Houston sports in general. This year's Rockets team reminds me more of the '07-'09 Texans. A team no longer wandering in the desert of obscurity, they are learning how to win on a consistent basis. The Rockets are a very young; in fact, they are the youngest team in the NBA. I can accept a young team making mental mistakes. The 2012 Texans weren't a young team; the Texans were a playoff team last year.

The point here is the Rockets have a bright future, though both teams fell right on their face. I wouldn't make a direct comparison to the 2012 version of the Texans. The Texans' future is a bit cloudier. That's another story for another day. Keep up with the Rockets' playoff run on The Dream Shake. I have my beard in playoff form already and my "In Morey We Trust" shirt on.

Around the League

Remember The Date

Sports Illustrated broke down the 2013 NFL schedule, singling out the 17 "must-watch" games. The Texans made this list -- Houston at Baltimore, Ed Reed returns to Baltimore (hopefully not on Injured Reserve, knock on wood).

Let's just glance over the rematch games that happen every year and focus on some new match-ups. Week 12, San Francisco at Washington, the evolution of the quarterback position on the main stage - Colin Kaepernick versus Robert Griffin III. Week 2, Denver at New York Giants, Manning Bowl is always a must-watch, if only for the post game when Archie Manning has to act like he doesn't have a favorite son. Week 6, New Orleans at New England, the only question is will this game have a football score or a basketball score when the final horn sounds.


Must-Not-Watch Games

One the other side of the coin, USA Today has a list of the least-watchable games. The biggest take away? The New York Jets make the list twice. It brought a smile to my face.


Crappy Rock Stars Identified?

The players that destroyed a hotel room at the NFL Combine appeared to have been identified. Clemson receiver DeAndre Hopkins and Rutgers receiver Mark Harrison were the players in question, tweeted ESPN's Adam Schefter. First it was Keenan Allen, now Hopkins - potential Texans draftees can't stay out of the news.


Again! Faster This Time!

New head coach Chip Kelly has already made his impression on the Philadelphia Eagles. The Oregon offense that Kelly took to the top of the college ranks is pushing the Eagles at the same pace. LeSean McCoy is calling practice thus far is "a freakin' track meet." It is fascinating to see the evolution of the NFL as a result of the college game.


Out of Packer Green, Out of Mind

When Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rogers was asked about former wide receiver Greg Jennings going to Minnesota, Rodgers replied, "Who?" The rivalries in the black and blue division run deep. I'll have my popcorn ready for the next Packers/Vikings game. In the meantime, let's remember the good times.

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