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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Watch A Live 7-Round Mock Draft Over At Turf Show Times

Curious to how diehard fans think the NFL Draft will play out? Come on over and join the fun (or just drink with me all day. Whatever works).


It's the weekend before the 2013 NFL Draft, which means there's only so much time left for me to get all my mocking out for the rest of the year. Lucky for me, Turf Show Times is hosting a live seven round mock draft (with trades!) this Saturday and Sunday.

Due to the trading exploits of our very own The Night Owl and Lukayyy, the Texans have the following picks to work with:

#42. 2nd
#56. 2nd
#57. 2nd
#82. 3rd
#89. 3rd
#95. 3rd (compensatory selection)
#100. 4th
#176. 6th
#201. 6th (compensatory selection)
#209. 7th

Since the Texans do not pick until the second round, I am not exactly sure when I'll be making our first selection, but it should be a couple hours into the whole event. Either way, the TFT mega-mock promises to be loads of fun for all. You can watch the action as it unfolds live tomorrow here. Who do you think the Texans should take? Voice your opinions below.