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Saturday Afternoon's Alright For Commenting: Turf Show Times Mega-Mock Edition (04/20/13)

Talk Texans, the draft, and anything else you find interesting on this fine Saturday.

Joe Robbins

Well, today's the big day! After well over a month of preparing, the Texans' war room is diving into one of the biggest mock drafts of the year. Here are the picks that we have to work with today:

#42. 2nd
#56. 2nd
#57. 2nd
#82. 3rd
#89. 3rd
#95. 3rd (compensatory selection)
#100. 4th
#163. 5th
#201. 6th (compensatory selection)
#209. 7th

You can follow the action starting at 2:00 PM EDT over at Turf Show Times and on Twitter (each war room has their own handle) at #SBNLiveMock. We will also have several special guests chiming in on today's action.

We'll be joined by a host of draft analyst pros. The crew are here in a huge way. We'll be highlighting a few of them in other articles as rounds change, and threads grow to gargantuan lengths. Russell Lande from thee national Football Post will be here, along with a bevvy of his sports media cohorts. They'll be popping into the draft pick thread and hanging out on Twitter for you mobile device crowd.

I'd like to introduce the staff who'll be running things during the draft. First up will be the thread commissioners: You'll see the names DouglasM and NolesTitan in the threads. I'll be taking Day 1, and Noles will be handling Day 2.

Next up is our social media expert: Daniel Doelling. ( @Daniel_Doelling ) He'll be the one you want to follow for everything Twitter.

Well BRBers, this thread is your oyster. Follow the TFT mock, talk about baseball, talk about anything you want, really. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy your weekend.