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March Madness, NFL Style: The Houston Texans Take Home An Imaginary Title

The ballots are in and voting has concluded for this year's NFL March Madness.


Just like the Minotaur, Zapdos, boogeymen, sharks with frickin' laser beams on their head, and a traffic free I-35, the Houston Texans and their Super Bowl victory join the ranks of imaginary creatures and things that spook in the night.

The constituency voted and, once again, your Houston Texans came out victorious by beating the New England Patriots 64% to 36%. I know this is a Texans blog, but I am still surprised by the results, especially given the disastrous end of the 2012 season. If Houston played the Patriots ten times, they might win three of them on a neutral field in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Opinions aside, next year we will run this post right after the regular season when the rosters and teams' ability will still be soaked in your mind like a soapy, soggy, sloshy sponge. Hopefully, when this post is aired next year, the same results will coincide, with Houston rolling to a title in February.

Once again, thanks for voting and the results for the entire tournament are in the form in the link below.

Full results in bracket form here.

The numbers next to every team are the voting percentages the team received in that round. Also, the website is pretty swell if you ever need to make a bracket.