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Battle Red Newswire: Revis Island Finds Warmer Waters

Jets jump ship, send Revis to Bucs. Check out today's Texans news in the Battle Red Newswire.

Chris McGrath

Houston Texans News

Dancing with ‘Dre

Andre Johnson took questions while hosting a youth clinic with Johnathan Joseph - the questions centered mostly on the Ravens. Jacoby Jones and Ed Reed's return to Baltimore, specifically. Of Jones, Andre went to visit the former Texans receiver in Los Angeles while he was practicing for Dancing with the Stars (I can honestly say I have no idea how Jones is doing). Johnson, when asked if he would do Dancing with the Stars, "No, that's not for me". Which to me sounds more like "Are you kidding me? Dancing with the Start? That's a good one."

The other topic of discussion was Ed Reed's return to Baltimore. The former University of Miami teammates are already golfing buddies in Houston, and talked the NFL schedule. Long story short - "We're going to go up [to Baltimore} and kick their you know what." Something the Texans already did last year at Reliant, but hopefully Reed will help get the Texans over that second round hump in the playoffs.


Who Needs a Glove?

It's been a rough weekend in Houston sports. The Astros got shelled 19-6 and the Rockets got destroyed 120-91. Here is something actually fun to raise everyone's spirits.

Around the League

Revis Island Finds Warmer Waters

The lingering trade of the only chip the Jets could play has come to pass. Darrelle Revis is a Buccaneer. Revis has also agreed to a new contract for six years and $96 million. The most intriguing part of this contract--initially none of $96 million is guaranteed. At least Revis Island will have real palm trees now.


Jammer to D.C.?

After missing out on Antoine Winfield, the Redskins have turned their sights to 33-year-old Quentin Jammer. The former Longhorn hasn't found any takers yet this offseason. Jammer met with Redskins officials Sunday, and is most likely head toward a deal.


‘O Rolando!

Rolando McClain is at it again, this time getting arrested for disturbing the peace in his hometown of Decatur, Alabama. It's as if the police don't like him in Decatur. Maybe it has to do with his arrest in January, when he told the police "F____ y'all".


Not again.

Cleveland is reportedly ready to hit the ejector seat button on another quarterback. Is anyone surprised? Brandon Weeden at 28 is probably the only quarterback in NFL with no upside. At 28, you should know if he's your guy already - his skills are set. Sure, he may pick up some "crafty veteran moves" but he is still Colt McCoy 2.0.


Will Work for Face Time.

Terrell Owens is making every attempt once again to stay on the national stage. This time, he is attempting to create a connection between him and new Bears coach Mark Trestman. Owens hasn't played on the same team as Trestman since 1996. So at this point, Owens is grasping at straws. Again.