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2013 NFL Draft On BRB: Don't Tip Picks

If you're going to participate in the draft threads on Battle Red Blog, kindly follow the NFL's lead and do not tip picks before they are announced on the television broadcast.

Until he announces it, you shouldn't either.
Until he announces it, you shouldn't either.
Al Bello

I should have mentioned this in yesterday's post about how we're going to cover the NFL Draft here on BRB. There was some talk about it in the Comments, starting with this remark by Nashmeister:

Please don't tip picks.

The draft threads are a great way to mock Jacksonville and enhance the excitement of the event (I hear they’re ribbed and covered in Trojan’s new fire and ice lube this year). Most of us like waiting until it’s officially announced to know the pick, and NFLN and ESPN claim that they’re going to be on the same page this year. Only you can spoil the suspense for everybody by revealing the pick before it happens. If you’re following twitter, just stop. Or at the very least, keep it to yourself this weekend.


by Nashmeister on Apr 23, 2013 | 4:28 PM reply rec (2) actions

Some may disagree with that stance. I am not one of those people. If you want to find out who the picks are before they're officially announced during the television broadcast, by all means, please do so. That's your prerogative.

What is not your prerogative, however, is to blow it for everyone who doesn't want to know ahead of time. The NFL has asked the networks to avoid divulging picks until they're officially announced, and I'd like to ask everyone to honor that practice in the Comments to any thread here on BRB.

Thus, tipping or announcing any draft picks, trades, or moves of any kind before they are officially announced on the television broadcast will not be allowed in any of the threads or comments on BRB during the draft. If you violate that rule, you will be banned for the night. If you want to find out what a team is doing ahead of time on Twitter or elsewhere, feel free. Just don't announce it here.

As always, thank you for your consideration.