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2013 NFL Draft: Welcome To Houston, DeAndre Hopkins!

Your Houston Texans have selected Clemson wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins with the 27th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft. No trade-ups or trade downs, and no over-thinking. They took the best player available for what they needed. Let's find out how fans and pundits reacted to the pick.

Schaub better start practicing goal line fade routes ASAP.
Schaub better start practicing goal line fade routes ASAP.
Kevin C. Cox

Good morning! Is the sun shining a little brighter? Does the air smell a bit cleaner and crisper? Are the birds chirping a little louder? Even if it's raining buckets outside as you read this, you should be firing up the "Welcome DeAndre" parade any second now, rain be damned.

Houston Texans offensive coordinator Rick Dennison spoke with the media after the pick; you can listen to him speak here.

How much did the Texans investigate the incident in the hotel room? Dennison answers, "Enough to know that it's a non-issue." But here's the biggest quote for me:

"There was some debate back and forth [on whether or not to trade back], but I was ready to take him."

- Rick Dennsion on DeAndre Hopkins

I'm really glad the Texans didn't try to get cute and trade back here. The KISS method (Keep It Simple, Stupid) worked perfectly. They must have been stunned to have Hopkins drop into their laps, and I'm ecstatic they took him.

Hopkins joined the media on a conference call which you can listen to here, or read the quotes here.

Some Twitter reactions:

We've had one reaction thread already, so here's a fresh one for you morning folks. After a night to sleep on it, how excited are you for DeAndre Hopkins to be lining up opposite of Andre Johnson? What would you expect from his stat-wise? Where will he stack up among other first round receivers?

Sound off in the comments, and if you have yet to watch Hopkins on SportsScience, you really need to.