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2013 NFL Draft: Texans Select D.J. Swearinger With Second Round Pick

Your Houston Texans have selected D.J. Swearinger in the 2nd Round of the 2013 NFL draft.

Your newest Houston Texan: D.J. Swearinger.
Your newest Houston Texan: D.J. Swearinger.
Streeter Lecka

Your Houston Texans missed Arthur Brown by ***this much***, but D.J. Swearinger is not at all a consolation prize. With Ed Reed hitting the injury phase of his career, and our third safety play being beyond abhorrent in 2012, addressing the position in the 2nd Round - for the first time ever? - was a must for your Houston Texans. Of course, there's lots of musts for the draft, but that's neither here nor there or anywhere in between.

Here's what has to say about Swearinger:

Swearginer doesn't look like a rangy free safety to cover a lot of ground in the back end on pass coverage. He is good in zone coverage and could play man coverage on tight ends and slot receivers. That would be the best fit for him as a pro.

WalterFootball compares him to...Bernard Pollard? So, ummm, there's that. However, if there's the thought Swearinger can cover TEs and slot WRs in the least, he's not really at all like Pollard.

Thus, ladies and gentlemen, meet your newest Texan: D.J. Swearinger.