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2013 NFL Draft: Texans Select Brennan Williams With Third Round Pick

With their 3rd Round Pick, your Houston Texans select Brennan Williams, RT, UNC.

There are no pics of Brennan Williams, so here's one of Derek Newton!
There are no pics of Brennan Williams, so here's one of Derek Newton!

Personally speaking, I love this pick. Right tackle was a major problem for your Houston Texans in 2012, and Brennan Williams has the potential to immediately step up and take the job. As much as I like Derek Newton, his injury makes him a question mark for the start of the year, at the least. So, a quick look at Brennan Williams.

NFLDraftGeek says:

Physically, Williams has everything you look for in an ideal offensive tackle, however Williams has been inconsistent, unable to put all his tools together. His biggest issue is his poor, slow footwork, which causes him to struggle in pass protection and gets beat by quicker defensive ends despite him being a fine athlete himself. Add in that he doesn't have a high IQ when it comes to blitzes and stunts and he can get a QB hit a bunch. When asked to run block though, it's a totally different story. Williams is aggressive, hits hard and is a force.

Our friends at FieldGulls did a scouting report on him:

Anyway, apart from that, I just like Williams and his style of play. He stays balanced, and controlled, is light on his feet, and uses his long (34") arms to lock onto defensive ends in pass protection.

It didn't take a rocket scientician to recognize how badly the right side of our offensive line struggled. Armed with long reach to help in pass blocking, though he's still rough, and solid rush blocking, Williams has a legitimate chance to start Opening Day for your Houston Texans.