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2013 NFL Draft: Texans Select Sam Montgomery (DE--LSU) With Compensatory Third Round Pick

With their compensatory 3rd round pick, after a commercial break, the Texans select Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU.

Sam Montgomery chases down Geno Smith.
Sam Montgomery chases down Geno Smith.
Chris Graythen

By not picking Alex Okafor, there's a tear in Tim's beer.

With the 95th pick in the 2013 NFL Draft, your Houston Texans select Sam Montgomery, DE, LSU. There are some players who scream "Houston Texans," hard workers who #battlefight and all those other words used for gritty 'round these parts. I'm somewhat shocked by this selection because that's not at all Montgomery's profile. From


Not fast or explosive around the edge

Reputation for a poor work ethic



As for strengths, he's kind of a poor man's Datone Jones. Powerful, holds the edge, experienced. Our friends at MileHighReport mentioned some much more unkindly things about him, including betting and taking games off. Yet, MHR paints a positive picture. The comps of Andre Carter and Lawrence Jackson fail to create enthusiasm.

Frankly, I was a bit unprepared for Montgomery as he's not at all a classic Texans kind of player. But the pick is done, and now's the time to cheer for him. Meet your newest Texan, Sam Montgomery.