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2013 NFL Draft: Undrafted Free Agent Open Thread

Watch blogs, Twitter, and chat here about undrafted free agent crushes, wishes, and news.

DeAndre was DeDrafted.
DeAndre was DeDrafted.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Well, the 2013 NFL Draft is over. It's all over. Three days, countless hours of debate, speculation, and analysis, and it's all over. What now? The all night watch for undrafted free agents! I know you know the next Arian Foster is out there. Sure, they could be the next Dwight Jones, but who cares?

A lot of camp bodies will be found here, so this is still a significant part of how the Houston Texans will build their roster. Who knows? Maybe they will find a gem or two or, at the least, a productive player.

This is your open thread, Draft Junkies. Talk about who you want, who you don't want, and follow Twitter and news sites obsessively in the comments below.

Stay tuned to Battle Red Blog, we'll have more reaction and analysis on all of Houston's draft weekend moves, from first round wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to these undrafted free agents.