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2013 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Select David Quessenberry

The Texans traded up to get their guy. Who is that, you ask? Read on to find out.


The Texans have selected David Quessenberry out of San Jose State University. They gave up their first sixth round pick (#184) and a seventh round pick (#233) to get him.

It will come as a surprise to absolutely nobody that Quessenberry (who already has my favorite name of any Texans player not named Watt or Johnson) is a converted tight end.

He has good foot movement and is an excellent fit for the Texans ZBS, however, he needs to put on some additional muscle since he doesn't have the natural strength needed to play tackle, let alone guard.

In other words, he's the classic Texans' offensive line project. Whether he can develop into a competent swing tackle remains to be seen.

Personally, I like the pick. I think considering how beat up the line got last year, how fragile our swing tackle has been the last couple of years, and the questionable ability of Derek Newton and Wade Smith, it never hurts to have too many offensive linemen on the roster.

Thoughts on the pick? Think I'm completely off base? Let us know in the comments.