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2013 NFL Draft: Houston Texans Select Ryan Griffin

BRB does our best to dig up information on the Texans' third 6th round pick, Ryan Griffin.

Jim McIsaac

I'm not going to lie. I knew absolutely nothing about Ryan Griffin before today, beyond the fact that he was a 6'6" tight end from UConn. I had to do a little bit of research before writing this post just so I could string enough words together to form some sort of worthwhile analysis.

My pre-film study conclusion? This is a pretty damn good pick.

Griffin was the Huskies' offensive player of the year and was known for his sticky hands, blocking, and reliability in the red zone, all traits crucial for succeeding in the Texans' methodical offense. Though snubbed from the NFL Combine, Griffin was a Mackey Award finalist for the nation's best tight end and was second team All-Big East. Coaches also rave about his character and work ethic (shocker, I know).

Just from early looks, it seems like his comparisons to current Texans tight end Garrett Graham are not only fair, but surprisingly accurate. Griffin was asked to block a lot due to inconsistent at best offensive line play, which limited his opportunities to really make an impact down field. He has shown he has all the ability in the world to be the reliable, big-bodied, chain-moving target that Gary Kubiak likes to incorporate into his offense. With both Owen Daniels and Garrett Graham's contracts expiring over the next two years, I would not be shocked at all to see Griffin get a lot of opportunities to prove he can be a long term replacement.