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Sunday Night's Alright For Commenting: BRB Open Thread (04/28/13)

Battle Red Blog's weekly Saturday Sunday Night Open Thread has arrived. Talk Texans or whatever else is on your mind.

The newest #10 on the club.
The newest #10 on the club.
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

After a fairly uneventful week around these here parts, the BRB staff thought we should give y'all an open forum to talk about stuff. I don't know. Talk about anything. I mean, it's been Snoozeville lately. Doesn't anything interesting ever happen in the NFL anymore?

So, you know, figure out something to talk about. It can be about the NFL, if you can find a topic. Beer? Recipes? Beer recipes? A fundraising drive to send me around the globe exploring beer and food? Why, that's a fantastic idea! Thanks for asking.

Usual community rules apply. Use your good judgment when posting, and please be kind to each other. Cease use of this thread if itching or peeling occurs. Please contact your doctor if your erection lasts more than four hours. Side effects of this thread may include nausea, triskaidekaphobia, dropsy, poor man's gout, housemaid's knee, dum dum fever, Peyronie's disease, and baseball fever. Please don't catch it.