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Battle Red Newswire: Hell Hath No Fury Like A Raven Scorned

Baltimore reacts to Reed going to Houston, JaMarcus Russell is on the comeback trail, and much more in today's Battle Red Newswire.

Ronald Martinez

Houston Texans News

Texans FA Visits Steel City

John McClain reports that Antoine Caldwell is visiting with the Steelers. Caldwell started the first six games for the Texans in 2012, and he has started 19 games overall in the past four season with Houston. Part of the 2009 draft class, Caldwell hasn't lived up to his third round pedigree. Ben Jones took over for him at right guard and was able to get a better grasp on zone blocking in a much shorter time than Caldwell did (if he ever did). Depth is always nice on the offensive line, but Caldwell is probably a replacement level player.

Let the Spin Begin

Mike Preston of The Baltimore Sun reports the Ravens and John Harbaugh didn't even want Ed Reed back. They are completely happy with the cheaper Michael Huff. I totally agree with the Ravens. I hear quarterbacks say this all the time, "I have to know where Michael Huff is on the field at all times". No matter what you think of the Reed signing, he was a leader on a Super Bowl winning team. I think of him at the very least as a consultant: He'll make the Texans better by showing them the way.

Around the NFL

Life After Football

The NFL will be starting a program to help players learn how to invest their money. Current free-agent Brady Quinn developed the investment program. Well, if Brady Quinn has his name on it, what could go wrong?

Concussion Court Case

The wrongful death lawsuits between the estate of Junior Seau and the NFL will be merged with the with NFL concussion litigation in Philadelphia. The players are hoping to keep the case on the federal level and out of arbitration. This battle could completely change the face of NFL and the idea of American football going forward.

Hall Back in D.C.

DeAngelo Hall agreed to return to the Redskins after being cut to save cap room. A one year, $ 2.25 Million deal brings the Hekyll and Hyde corner back to Washington. I'm sure the rest of the NFC East is just as happy as the Redskins are that Hall will be return to the nation's capital.

Nnamdi Goes West

Nnamdi Asomugha returns to the west coast, where he played college ball at Cal and much of pro career in Oakland. Asomugha and the Eagles never seemed to jell in the two seasons he was there. Most surprising of all, Asomugha wanted no guarantee money. I can just imagine the 49ers when Asomugha came to them with this idea, "Sure, we won't guarantee any money. Anything you want. Anything else we can do for you? What about a parking spot close to the locker room? Ya know, for your me-time?"

Vince, You've Got Company

JaMarcus Russell is on the comeback trail. He's lost 27 pounds and is down to 288. He would still be the heaviest quarterback (at least compared to the starting quarterbacks of last year) by some 30-40 pounds. Somebody has to give this man a job; his purple-drink money has run out.