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Battle Red Newswire: Texans QB Matt Schaub Welcomes El Tri

The league reacts to the draft and much more on this edition of the Battle Red Newsiwre.

Miguel Tovar

Houston Texans News

This is just strange. The Texans' Matt Schaub and El Tri manager José Manuel "Chepo" de la Torre had a press conference before Mexico's match against Nigeria. Mexico will be playing Reliant Stadium on May 31st in a friendly before the World Cup. The only thing that both men have in common was they wore number eight during their careers. I would have applauded Schaub for going up on stage wearing a shirt that said "0-0 USA Beats Mexico." I have nothing against the Mexican National Team, just that they are the USA's direct rivals on the world soccer stage.


Collin Klein: Quarterback
Former Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein has been described as Tim Tebow 2.0 many times; like Tebow, Klein will not be moving positions anytime soon. Klein is a beast of a runner, but throws the ball like he is throwing at a dartboard. It should be interesting to see the quarterback depth chart when the season rolls around.

Around the League

The Honey Badger Don't Care
New Arizona Cardinals cornerback Tyrann Mathieu is starting to feel more and more like the NFL's Ron Artest. Not necessary seeking attention but too crazy to not get it. Mathieu is seeking a contract from the Cardinals with no guaranteed money. I guess he's preparing for the possibility of snubbing the Cards like he did the Texans.


What is a Michigan man to do in Jacksonville?
There is not much to this story except for the generic "we're excited about our pick", but Jacksonville jack-of-all-trades Denard Robinson seems like a nice pick up for Jacksonville. Robinson reminds me of Antwaan Randle-El, a nice weapon for many years with the Washington Redskins and Pittsburgh Steelers.


Steelers and Mr. Jones, Got a Thing Goin' on....
Pittsburgh's current back-up quarterback, Charlie Batch, was asked about the selection of Landry Jones, "Ultimately, I think this isn't about replacing me." No, Charlie, I'm pretty sure it is. Batch started his career handing the ball off to Barry Sanders in 1998. The Steelers also signed Bruce Gradkowski, so the depth chart looks set with Batch on the outside looking in. That said, Jones doesn't feel like the Steelers' future unless they put UT on schedule every year.


Dancing with Nobody
New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz is still not in camp, Giants and his new management appear to be about $3 million dollars apart from a deal. Cruz wants $10 Million; that would put him in the top-8 for receiver salaries in 2013 - just ahead of Andre Johnson ($9,685,714). Giants head coach Tom Coughlin is starting to show some ‘concern,' his face must have turned a dark shade of red to indicate it. Would you pay Cruz what he wants or wait him out?


Concussion Case Getting Hazy
David Chao, the San Diego Chargers Team Doctor, convinced the estate of Junior Seau to give Seau's brain to NFL funded research. The California Medical Board is attempting to revoke Chao's medical license, and the NFLPA has asked the league to end its relationship with Chao. In other words, the NFL is backing a controversial doctor that helped get what they want in research. It's a compelling story to how the NFL has positioned itself at any cost around the concussion issue.


Too Early for 2014?
Let's look forward to 2014. I's not like we just finished the 2013 NFL Draft, right? Oh ,we did? Who cares? It doesn't matter; all we need to see is this.