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Arian Foster Advances To "Final Four" Of Madden 25 Cover Vote

In this new world of cross-marketing, EA Sports has used the "March Madness" style bracket to determine the cover guy for it's latest installment of Madden. Texans running back Arian Foster has never been scared of self-promotion and wants to be on the cover. How do you feel about this?

Scott Halleran

After beating players like Danny Amendola, Julio Jones, and most recently, Colin Kaepernick, our favorite philosopher is facing off against Seattle rookie sensation Russell Wilson in the Madden 25 cover vote quarterfinals. Click here to look at the bracket. Voting will go on until April 10th.

Arian Foster is definitely on board with becoming the cover boy for Madden's 25th anniversary game; his Facebook profile is almost solely dedicated to promoting himself each round. I suppose for Foster, Facebook doesn't count as part of the "digital realm" he promised to have left last month. Perhaps it's being operated by proxy, as there's little to no personality or charm to his posts lately. Last year, he was a bit more hands on in promoting himself for the Madden '13 cover by taking to the streets of New York City to interview potential voters. Take a look:

Foster is money with a microphone in front of him, by the way. He would go on to beat Tim Tebow in the first round but got trounced by the eventual winner Calvin Johnson. Johnson ended up breaking the single season reception yards record long held by Hall of Famer Jerry Rice. Hopefully this means the "Madden Curse" baloney is now over. While the long string of coincidences are funny to think about, it should come as no surprise that players get injured or experience down years after having previous success. It's just the nature of the game.

I've mentioned before that I'm a big Madden junky, and I wholeheartedly represent the Texans on the online gridiron. Foster is a lot of fun to use… here's my favorite highlight using him on Madden '13. It's a bit reminiscent of Marshawn Lynch's earthquake-causing run against the New Orleans Saints back in 2011, don't you think?

I'm curious to see your thoughts on Foster possibly winning the cover vote. Leave them in the comments! Also add me on Xbox. GT - DrunkenSmuggler.