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Battle Red News Wire: THESE Are Spirit Fingers!

Take a look around the league--Texans first, of course--in today's Battle Red Newswire.

Thomas B. Shea

Houston Texans News

These aren't spirit fingers... THESE are spirit fingers!

The Houston Texans Cheerleaders held their annual tryouts over the weekend. One the most cutthroat parts of football--no large contracts and dead money does not keep your spot on the squad. Each cheerleader has to earn her spot each year.

Around the NFL

Like Father, Like Son

Joe Montana's son Nate Montana and Cris Carter's son Duron Carter will be taking part of the NFL's "Super Regional" pre-draft workout. You didn't even know that Montana and Carter were playing college football? You're probably not alone. Carter bounced from Ohio State, a Kansas junior college, and Alabama. Montana traveled as well, starting at Notre Dame, then Montana, Pasadena City College, and Division II West Virginia Wesleyan.

Flacco Takes on Hollywood

Joe Flacco will be joining the ranks of the quarterbacks that have gone in front of the movie camera. Flacco will be playing Johnny Unitas. Being Flacco, it isn't a speaking role; Flacco will only be playing Unitas in the scenes on field.

One More Year

The NFL Draft is right around the corner. Outside of ‘who is going in the first round', the draft question is always ‘where will the 2013 class of quarterbacks will go?' One thing to think about on draft night: NFL contract rules state that teams have a club option for a fifth year at a cheap price on players drafted in first round. Don't be surprised when the Texans (or any other team at the end of the first) trade back when a team finds the quarterback they want to get that fifth-year of control.

Never More

The relationship between Baltimore's Orioles and Ravens is even colder now. The Orioles celebrated the Ravens Super Bowl victory on Friday. One problem...there weren't any Ravens at the game. The iciness comes after the Ravens yielded opening the 2013 season at home in favor of the Orioles' already scheduled game against the Chicago White Sox.