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March Madness, NFL Style: Day 2

The NFL as NCAA Tournament rolls on. See who advanced to the second round, and vote on which teams should move on to the third round.


After a wild day of voting, the results are finally in:

South Region-San Antonio

1. Atlanta Falcons 96.39%

8. Kansas City Chiefs 3.61%

4. Pittsburgh Steelers 37.35%

5. New Orleans Saints 62.65%

3 Cincinnati Bengals 78.31%

6. Carolina Panthers 21.69%

2. Washington Redskins 82.93%

7. Detroit Lions 17.07%

West Region- Los Angeles

1. New England Patriots 98.8%

8. Jacksonville Jaguars 1.2%

4. Dallas Cowboys 48.19%

5. St. Louis Rams 51.81%

3. Minnesota Vikings 83.95%

6. San Diego Chargers 16.05%

2. Baltimore Ravens 95.12%

7. Cleveland Browns 4.88%

*Opposite Side of Bracket


1. Denver Broncos 100%

8. Oakland Raiders 0%

4. New York Giants 73.17%

5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 26.83%

3. Indianapolis Colts 95.45%

6. New York Jets 4.55%

2. Houston Texans 100%

7. Buffalo Bills 0%

East-University Park

1. San Fransisco 49ers 100%

8. Philadelphia Eagles 0%

4. Chicago Bears 70.15%

5. Miami Dolphins 29.85%

3. Seattle Seahawks 95.59%

6. Tennessee Titans 4.4%

2. Green Bay Packers 100%

7. Arizona Cardinals 0%

After looking at the results, there are zero surprises. The two "upsets," which constitute a lower seed beating a higher seed, were expected. Drew Brees throws for 500 yards and the Saints (a 5 seed) beat an injury-ravaged Pittsburgh Steelers (a 4 seed). Since this is a Texans website, I would have been greatly disappointed if the Rams did not beat the Cowboys. Good job, everybody. You all deserve a gold star and a pat on the back for making sure Dallas loses in the first round. The second round brings better match-ups and games most people would actually enjoy sitting down to watch.

If this type of playoff switch occurred, the second round would be the best weekend in sports because of the quantity and quality of the games. The second round would serve a voluptuous slate that would include a Manning Bowl, Fail Mary rematch, Vikings-Ravens slugfest, and divisional rematches between the Saints-Falcons and Texans-Colts. Below is the second round and the link for you to make your picks.

Round 2

South Region- San Antonio

1. Atlanta Falcons

5. New Orleans Saints

3. Cincinnati Bengals

2. Washington Redskins

West Region- Los Angeles

1. New England Patriots

5. St. Louis Rams

3. Minnesota Vikings

2. Baltimore Ravens

*Opposite Side of Bracket

North Region- Columbus

1. Denver Broncos

4. New York Giants

3. Indianapolis Colts

2. Houston Texans

East Region- University Park

1. San Fransisco 49ers

4. Chicago Bears

3. Seattle Seahawks

2. Green Bay Packers

The link below is for you to make your picks for this second round of March Madness, NFL Style.

Make Your Picks Here.