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Battle Red Newswire: Start 'Em Young

Coach Kubiak talks DeAndre Hopkins, Glover Quin talks Texans in this edition of the Battle Red Newswire.

Troy Taormina-US PRESSWIRE

Houston Texans News

Get'em Started Young

DeAndre Hopkins is the Texans' future at wide receiver. Hopefully the future will be now if Coach Kubiak has anything to say about it. "[W]e expect him to play very, very early and touch (the ball)," Kubiak said when asked by Fellow BRB writer, Corzo, has previously written about what to expect of a rookie wide receiver. The celling for Hopkins is hopefully Julio Jones for season one, and even higher going forward.


Glover said what?

Former Texan (still hurts to say) Glover Quin sat down with the Detroit Free Press' Dave Birkett to talk about his transition to Detroit. Quin said of the Lions' future -

"So it's kind of funny because, when I first came to Houston, they were at the bottom of the totem pole in the AFC South, and we were able to build something and win two division championships, back-to-back. Hopefully, we can get that done in Detroit and get in these playoffs and make some noise."

GQ was a solid cog in the back end of the defense; will he be the same in Detroit? My guess, as long as Robocop doesn't get him, is that he'll do just fine. Hope he enjoys Aaron Rodgers throwing all over him.

Around the League

Lets Take it Slow.

Russell Shepard, undrafted free agent, has already put his foot in his mouth. On Twitter and in a radio interview, Shepard stated that he reached a deal with the Eagles before the end of the draft. As you might imagine, that is not allowed. Of course, the Eagles are keeping quiet about the subject. No better way to make an impression than to get your boss in trouble.


You're Fired!

Geno Smith fired his agents soon after the draft. There is a whole laundry list of reasons that could explain the firing--E.J. Manuel was drafted first, having to sit in the green room the entire first round, and the amount of money he lost not going in the top ten. It's wouldn't surprise me that his main problems was becoming the focus of the disaster that is the Jets. It appears, as Dan Hanzus writes, that the one of main reasons was Geno's agents told him to skip the Senior Bowl. The Senior Bowl has long been the place for potential draft picks to drive up their stock.


Olympian to put on Pads

Lawrence Okoye, British Olympian, has signed with a team. Okoye is signing with 49ers. Let me repeat that, not the Jags, Chiefs, or Bills - he signed with the 49ers. You know, the 49ers that stacked team that was in the Super Bowl last year. Okoye will try his luck on the defensive line.


The Lights Go Out On VY

The Raiders are no longer interested in Vince Young as a backup quarterback. With Young unwilling to prove himself in the CFL, the time left in his pro football career is running out. Kids, let this be a lesson. Don't left your off-the-field life get in the way of playing football. Vince may have been a bust all along, but he was pretty damn good up until he "disappeared" one night in September 2009.

While We're All Still Here

See You in Houston for Game Six
I'm just gonna leave this here.