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2013 Houston Texans OTAs: Quotes From Day One

With the first day of Organized Team Activities in the books, take a look at what some Texans had to say.

Still gainfully employed.
Still gainfully employed.

As they are wont to do, our friends at the team's official site have an excellent summary of all kinds of quotes from the first (Ed Reed and Brian Cushing free) day of Organized Team Activities. Here's a link to the full story; I'll hit on a few of the more noteworthy snippets below.

Gary Kubiak:

(on the status of OLB Brooks Reed) "He’s fine. Brooks has been fine for two-and-a-half, three months, so he’s doing good."

(on how he plans to handle the roster and depth chart at inside linebacker) "I think the most important thing right now is that we get these young guys in position to rep. (OLB) Brooks (Reed) is repping inside right now, so that lets (OLB) Sam (Montgomery) and (OLB) Trevardo (Williams) rep with the first and second groups and (OLB Bryan) Braman rep with the first group, so I think right the key is that we just get them all going. We can settle them down. Brooks can always move, but we wanted to make sure these young guys stayed in one spot so we could really evaluate them."

(on what steps they have taken to improve the team’s special teams units) "Well, we got (Special Teams Coordinator) Joe (Marciano) some help, which I think was important. In this business, it seems like there’s a coach and an assistant for every dang position nowadays, and Joe’s been doing it by himself for a long, long time. So we had an opportunity to get Lig (Assistant Special Teams Coach Bob Ligashesky) in here and help Joe out, so I think that’s a big plus. Obviously, we think our team’s getting more athletic with some of these young guys that can run, so any time you get faster as a football team or special teams, you get better."

(on the rookie offensive linemen) "First off, the number three (T Brennan Williams) is a little behind. He’s got a little issue with his knee. We’re trying to get him healthy and get his physical conditioning up with the rest of the team. Quiz (T David Quessenberry) is really very impressive right now. He’s smart, played all over the place in (rookie) mini-camp and handled it. He’s going to get a ton of reps at right tackle now with (RT Derek) Newton and the Williams situation."

Andre Johnson:

(on his thoughts on WR DeAndre Hopkins after his first practice) "He did good. You could kind of tell that he’s thinking a lot when he’s playing, but that’s part of being a rookie. He’s picking up everything pretty well. He went and made some plays today and that’s a good thing. I think day-by-day, he’ll continue to get better and better."

Brooks Reed:

(on whether he is moving to inside linebacker) "I’m not 100 percent switching positions, but I’m trying to learn another position. It’s coming along. I’ve been in the playbook a lot, picking up little things. Cush (ILB Brian Cushing) played the position, so I’m always asking him things, but I’ll get the hang of it."

(on how he feels about playing inside linebacker) "I like it, and I hope they keep me there, but it doesn’t really matter where they put me – at SAM (strongside) or middle – I’ll do both to the best of my ability."

(on whether the coaches have told him whether he will be playing inside or outside) "Be prepared for either way, and it all kind of depends on what these new draftees do, so we’ll see. It’s just a matter of time."

Matt Schaub:

(on working with rookie WR DeAndre Hopkins) "It’s great. He’s been out here now since rookie minicamp for a week now, so just a great attitude, great work ethic. He’s just absorbing the whole offense. He’s getting thrown in there with us in the first group, and you can just see the talent and the ability that he brings to the table, so we’re definitely excited and it’s been good to start working with him."

(on practicing with WRs Andre Johnson and DeAndre Hopkins) "It’s great. I’ve been working with Andre now for going on seven years, so it’s like riding a bike when it comes to our relationship and how we operate on the field, but with DeAndre’s ability and what he brings to the table and how hard he’s working to just immerse himself into the playbook, you can just see that once he gets it and once he’s in there and doesn’t have to think and can just play, it’s just going to be a big help to us."

J.J. Watt:

(on if perfection is attainable at the defensive line position) "Absolutely. I don’t see why not. Last year was fun, but nowhere near my potential. I’ve got a lot more to go and it started right here today with day one. I look forward to a lot of success this season."

(on what makes him further along than last year) "I’ve got a whole ‘nother year under my belt. I have more experience, a lot more confidence. I’m bigger, faster, and stronger; it’s going to help out."