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Houston Texans News: Too Early To Start Planning The Super Bowl Party?

Organized Team Activities start for the Texans, Houston may host a Super Bowl, Former nemesis Dwight Freeney finds a new home in this edition of the Newswire.

Jed Jacobsohn

Houston Texans News

Organized Team Activities Coverage

Day one of OTAs is in the books; Tim already collected the best quotes from the team's official site. The Chronicle's Stephanie Stradley had a full breakdown from both sides of the ball. Chris Baldwin, of Culture Map Houston, focused more on Arian Foster - who appears to have come into camp in excellent shape. Foster is looking to "bounce back" after a mere 1,400 yard-15 TDs season. Finally, if you're more of a fan of the visual, put together a recap of day one.


And The Super Bowl Will Be Played In...

The NFL owners are currently meeting in Boston this week to decided the location of Super Bowl L and LI. Miami and San Francisco are fighting for Super Bowl L; the loser will then face Houston. All indications appear to point toward Houston facing Miami for Super Bowl LI. The vote will take place today, and will be announced on NFL Network at 1 p.m. CT. Check back with BRB for full coverage after the picks are announced.


Around the League

Freeney Feels a Charge
Dwight Freeney has finally found a home in San Diego. A two-year deal, the full terms are not yet divulged. This move feels like Houston sports history repeating itself. One of the greatest Houston Astros killer of all-time, Albert Pujols, left the division for a season after signing with the Angels. Only to have the Astros move to the AL West with Pujols that following season - just can't get away from that guy. Freeney, who has 17.5 career sacks against the Texans, will have another date against Houston on September 9. Even as a Charger, Houston can't get away from Freeney.


Only Seems Logical
Keenan Allen, recent draftee of the San Diego Chargers. Took to Vine (the six second video version of Instagram), to post a video of him enjoying an In-N-Out shake. Only one problem, he was wearing a Raiders hat in the video. As you might expect, he got blasted for it. Must be tough to have to put your fandom away when you make it as a pro athlete. Then I'm reminded that pro athletes are paid to play a game, the least they could do is wear their team's colors.


The Learning Curve Must be Steep At Florida State University

E.J. Manuel took to Sirus XM radio to talk about his time thus far with the Bills. Apparently, Buffalo is running an offense easier then the Seminoles.

"The funny thing is it's easier to learn than the offense I had at Florida State," the 16th overall pick in the draft said, via "It's a true West Coast-type progression offense. That's really what I wanted when I was coming through the pre-draft process. I wanted something that I could just go in and say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, check it down and run it. That's it, it's that simple. I love it. . . .

"The learning curve for me is a lot shorter simply because of what I had at State. [The Seminoles' offense is] more complex and a little bit harder to catch on and learn. This offense is very simple. I've done a great job with it."

The question I pose, if Manuel could only muster a 21-6 record over two full seasons as a starter at Florida State. What will happen when he is facing better talent each week in the NFL?


While We Are Here....

Houston, We Might Not Have A Problem Any More.

As of yesterday Houston's mayor, Annise Parker, had a closed-door meeting between representatives of the Astros, Houston Rockets, Comcast, and Suddenlink. In the hopes of finalizing a deal for CSN Houston, to expand its coverage past the 40% of homes in Houston with Comcast. It appears with the departure of the Astros CEO and comments by owner Jim Crane, the Astros have finally blinked. CSN Houston will soon be losing money without a distribution deal.