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The NFL Draft Moving To May...Your Reaction?

Roger Goodell announced that the NFL Draft, held in April for so many years, will now be pushed back to May. What are your thoughts on the matter?

"So get this..."
"So get this..."
Doug Pensinger

As Bayless mentioned in the Newswire yesterday, Roger Goodell has decreed that the NFL Draft will be moved from late April to early/mid May beginning in 2014. The reason given for this move is that Radio City Music Hall, site of the NFL Draft for the past several years, isn't available in late April next year.


The NFL is moving the draft to May, and it's going to stay in May. The teams seem to be against the move, yet Goodell & Co. are far more interested in adjusting the league calendar to ensure that the NFL stays front and center throughout as much of the year as possible. Who cares if this move prevents teams from working with their draftees for a few precious weeks? The extra hype and media attention will be well worth it in the league's mind.

I don't applaud this move at all, much in the same way that I despised (and still despise) the league eschewing the Saturday-Sunday draft format in favor of the Thursday-Friday-Saturday format. Where do you come down on the issue?