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From The Headlines: Would You Thank Any Houston Texans With A Gift?

Washington fans bought RG3 wedding gifts, but would Houston fans buy anything for any of its stars?

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Scott Halleran

As you probably have heard by now, Washington Redskins fans took it upon themselves to buy gifts off of Robert Griffin III's Bed, Bath, and Beyond wedding registry. There has been debate on whether it was cool or not, but as a fellow fan I can see the reasoning.

The Redskin faithful have been in the darkest timeline over the past two decades, but RG3 has given them a new sense of hope. They're appreciative of him gutting it out for them last season and, probably, are doing whatever they can to show unconditional love to keep him in Washington forever. I wouldn't do it, since I think a wedding is a personal sort of deal, but, then again, I don't have that connection to Griffin.

That said, I began wondering what Houston Texans fans would do for some of their beloved hometown heroes. I mean, we already saw J.J. Watt's charity softball tournament sell out, but what else would fans do and for who? I have four people who jump off my list from franchise history.

The first choice was easy. I'd like to think that fans would literally give All-Galaxy wide receiver Andre Johnson an arm and a leg. The man has been the face of the franchise for 10 years and often has been the sole light in the darkness that is mediocrity. If anyone could garner such a response from the fanbase, it's The Great One.

As for the 2012 NFL Defensive Player of the Year, that's Mr. Watt in case you forgot, I definitely would buy that man his preferred half-steak, half-chicken burrito if I ever ran into him at a Chipotle. I think that's the kind of gesture he would appreciate and would further endear Houston fans to him. Plus, who doesn't love a free burrito? If he weren't an athlete, I would spring for the quesarito, but he's definitely on it about nutrition.

With Arian Foster, the beloved Master of the Namaste, I would not buy him a thing. He's the kind of person that would enjoy a conversation and getting to know someone. I feel like it would be a fun to sit back and shoot the breeze with him. I think that would be the most endearing route to go. I'd also like to think that the conversation would go exactly like this one, since, you know, it was so life-like.

Finally, I would gladly buy owner Bob McNair his drink of choice and offer him a sincere thanks. He invested time and money to bring this city a franchise. He's spent the time doing the right things on the owner side. He gets good people, trusts them to do their jobs, and has curried a lot of favor with NFL owners, as evidenced by the Super Bowl LI reward. It's certainly a plus, from an overall franchise building perspective, to have a quality owner. The owner sets the tone and Houston has a great one, so cheers, Bob.

What about you, BRB faithful? Would you buy anything for any Texan, past or present? Are you rolling your eyes at Washington fans or do you understand them? Are we all puzzled that J.J. Watt still isn't a burrito spokesman yet?