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The Reason For Your BRB Screen Name

It's time to mosey up to the bar and have a little chat.

"What do you mean no one has the name 'tehSchaubistehbest' ?
"What do you mean no one has the name 'tehSchaubistehbest' ?
Grant Halverson

I've always likened this place to a neighborhood bar. You come in, you see the regulars, and you start shooting the breeze. It starts off as news then it turns into opinions and healthy debates before devolving into a series of one-liners, memes, and LOLCATZ. There's a camaraderie amongst those in the asylum that is Houston Texans fandom.

Every so often, usually before or after a big event, we typically have a place to introduce yourself. These threads always turn out so well. It's always fun to get to know the people who share your obsession healthy fandom obsession. Since we hit a lull in the offseason, so to speak, and since it's going to be a nice, long Memorial Day Weekend, we figured were told about a potentially fun and interesting idea from another blog that it may be a good time to get to know each other in a different way. No, not that way.

Easy Friday Open Community Question: How did you choose your SBNation username? What stroke of genius led to this brilliance that millions thousands hundreds tens of people worldwide know you as? If you have any other fun GamerTags, Twitter Handles, etc, what inspires those if you want a space to plug your own Twitter or GamerTag?

It's a Friday afternoon, so kick back, pick up that beer, and have a little fun getting to know each other.