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J.J. Watt Shows Again How Lucky Texans Fans Are To Have Him As One Of Our Own

J.J. Watt did something awesome in the community. Again. If there's a better human being playing professional sports for a living, I don't know who it is.

Tell me another athlete who gets it like J.J. Watt.
Tell me another athlete who gets it like J.J. Watt.
Scott Halleran

It says something truly amazing about J.J. Watt that when he takes time out of his day to surprise a devoted fan with a personal visit that the response of Texans fans is, "Oh, cool. Again? What'd he do this time?"

This time, it was just J.J. bringing Itzy Cagen to Reliant Stadium to hang out. Here's a little more background on Itzy, courtesy of his utterly fantastic mom.

As fans, we never really know what an athlete is like off the field. We like to think we do, but we don't. Yet when a guy repeatedly makes the time to do the stuff that J.J. Watt does, time after time, it's hard not to believe that J.J. Watt "gets it." That he's a genuinely good guy. That he's a professional athlete you can get excited about your kids looking up to. J.J.'s not the only Texan who's done a ton of good off the field; he just happens to be the guy who (at least publicly) does the most good off the field.

For that, we can and should applaud him while thanking our lucky stars that he's a Houston Texan.