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2013 Houston Texans OTAs: Arian Foster Leaves With Strained Calf Muscle

The Texans' running back reportedly left OTAs this morning after suffering a calf injury.

Get that calf right, Arian.
Get that calf right, Arian.
Bob Levey

Per John McClain:

After Foster suffered the injury to his right leg, he watched a few minutes of practice before being carted into the dressing room.

Coach Gary Kubiak said Foster had a strained calf muscle, which means he will be day-to-day as far as his return to the two remaining OTAs this week.

Andre Johnson tells you not to worry:

"If it was serious, we’d know it," wide receiver Andre Johnson said. "This wasn’t serious."

'Dre knows all about serious injuries suffered in practice. REMEMBER THAT TIME WHEN ANDRE JOHNSON WAS CARTED OFF THE FIELD (for a hand injury, and not so much "carted off" as "getting a lift to the locker room because it was hot outside")?