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2013 Houston Texans OTAs: Calf Injury Will Keep Arian Foster Out Until Training Camp

After Arian Foster suffered a calf strain yesterday, the Texans confirmed the injury will keep him out for the remainder of OTAs. And mini-camp.

Lots of stretching in Arian's future for the next couple of months.
Lots of stretching in Arian's future for the next couple of months.
Bob Levey

Updating yesterday's big story, it would appear Arian Foster's calf strain is serious enough that he won't be taking the field again during the Texans' Organized Team Activities or the upcoming June mini-camp. Nick Scurfield has the whole story up on the team's official site. Here's what Gary Kubiak had to say:

"We left him in (Reliant Stadium) today," Texans coach Gary Kubiak said. "He’s on crutches today, will be for a couple days. He’s gonna be fine, but don’t expect me to bring him back out here. We’ve got two weeks left, so we’ll just go to work and get him ready for training camp. (It’s) unfortunate, but we feel lucky, too. (He) didn’t do anything, just took a step. But he’s gonna be OK. But like I said, don’t expect to see him again (in the spring)."

"We’ve got two weeks left of the offseason, so (we’re) obviously not going to do anything to take a risk," Kubiak said. "We’ve got two months almost before we get ready to go. Might have ruined Arian’s summer – he’s gonna have to be here a lot – but that’s OK. He’s gonna be OK."

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