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Report: Ed Reed Had Hip Surgery Last Week

The Texans' marquee free agent addition seems to have very quietly had hip surgery. What does this mean for the Texans going forward?

That hip looks fine to me.
That hip looks fine to me.
Larry French

I believe John McClain was the first to report:

Well then. Presumably, the Texans were fully informed about Reed's condition before they signed him, so we must assume this isn't something with which they're overly concerned. Indeed, that seems to be Gary Kubiak's public stance:

D.J. Swearinger is going to get his fill of reps during OTAs and likely training camp (though, to be fair, it seems unlikely Gary Kubiak would have pushed a veteran like Reed too much in camp, injured or not). While Reed is new to Wade Phillips' scheme, you'd like to think that a player of his wisdom and experience won't have any major problems getting up to speed in an abbreviated amount of time.

Yes, I'd like to think that, so I will. Because I don't want to think too much about things like a 34 year old returning from a hip injury and/or Shiloh Keo somehow getting meaningful snaps in the secondary.