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Arian Foster: “I Just Didn’t Feel Like I Was At My Best, And It’s Gonna Change This Year.”

You have been warned, NFL. Arian Foster thinks 2012 was an off year by his standards, and he's aiming to change that in 2013.

2013 will be the new 2011.
2013 will be the new 2011.
Doug Pensinger

Nick Scurfield reports that Patti Smith of FSN Southwest caught up with Arian Foster at his football camp last weekend. Despite coming off a season that saw him lead the league in touchdowns and rush for 1,424 yards (good for second in the AFC), Foster says 2012 was a down year for him:

“I’ve just been relaxing,” Foster said to FOX Sports Southwest’s Patti Smith on Saturday at his youth football camp in Pearland. “I’ve just been relaxing and working really hard. I think this has probably (been) one of my most intense training offseasons I’ve had since I’ve been in the NFL. I just want to bounce back. I didn’t feel like I had the best season last year.”

“I set a lot of personal goals, a lot of things that I do,” Foster said. “I just didn’t feel like I was at my best, and it’s gonna change this year.”

The article notes that Arian's YPC, receptions, and receiving yards were significantly less in 2012 compared to his banner 2011 campaign. Texans fans may be tempted to attribute the decline in yards per carry to an offensive line that was completely turned over on the right side and the decline in receptions and receiving yards to scheme or coaching. Rightfully so, even. Nevertheless, it's encouraging to see that Arian's not doing that. He seems to blame himself for what he perceives to be an unacceptable 2012 campaign, and that's good news for his employer.