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2013 Houston Texans Mini-Camp: Tim Dobbins Arrives, Speaks To Media

The Texans linebacker missed OTAs. Some people weren't happy. Dobbins appeared at the Texans' mandatory mini-camp today and spoke for the first time.

Jay Cutler wishes Dobbins had missed the Bears game last year.
Jay Cutler wishes Dobbins had missed the Bears game last year.
David Banks

Dave Zangaro of CSN Houston continues his yeoman work from Day One of the Texans' mini-camp with this story on the Texans' prodigal inside linebacker returning to the fold. Tim Dobbins explained why he missed OTAs, acknowledged he let his teammates down, and then said he'd do it all the same way if the situation presented itself again. Zuh?

"I had obligations with my family," Dobbins said when asked why he missed OTAs. Those obligations included renovating his house.

"I’m pretty sure I let some of the guys down, but at the same time, I’m hoping they understand that I’m here and when I’m here, I’m giving them 110 percent of everything I have," Dobbins said. "There’s nothing left in the tank. I don’t want them to have that doubt that I’m not going to be a part of this team or give all my effort."

Dobbins said if he had the opportunity to do everything over, he wouldn’t change anything. "I would do it all the same way," he said.

Did he miss OTAs because he was protesting the one-year deal he signed to stay in Houston? No, Dobbins said.

"It wasn’t no statement," Dobbins said. "I have nothing against this franchise, this organization. I appreciate the contract they gave me. As a person, you always want more though, but it’s definitely nothing like that at all."

Your thoughts on the special teams stalwart's return to Reliant Park?