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Ed Reed Cites Tom Brady Kick As Cause Of Injury

Future Hall of Fame quarterback and lady boot enthusiast Tom Brady has already gotten off to an early start in stepping on the hopes and dreams of Texans fans in 2013.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

As if one of the greatest ballhawks of all time needed any more reason to bring his best game against the New England Patriots in 2013, Ed Reed is now citing Tom Brady's infamously awkward slide/kick to the leg as the reason for his current hip problems.

"The only play I could look at is when I got kicked by a certain quarterback," Reed said Tuesday at Texans minicamp. "But even then I played in the Super Bowl and you saw what happened there."

In the full article on ESPN. Reed alluded to being at the very least "on schedule" with his recovery, but gave no confirmation of any specific return date.

"If you ask my trainer and ask my doctor, they can't believe where I'm at now," Reed said. "It's still a process. We want to be smart through it."

Tom Brady was fined $10,000 for the kick to Ed Reed's leg, but just like the other time a Texans defender got injured on a cheap shot, money does not even begin to cover the damage. I suppose the offenses of the AFC East really don't like the Bulls on Parade, do they? I propose we place an immediate blockade on Canada Buffalo to keep them as far away from J.J. Watt as possible.