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2013 Houston Texans Offseason: A Year After He Quit, The Texans Officially Waived Dwight Jones

Remember Dwight Jones? He was going to set the NFL on fire. He came up a bit short in that regard, and the Texans officially waived him after waiting a year for him to re-think his stance.

Not even the next Andre Royo.
Not even the next Andre Royo.
Bob Levey

Do you remember the streaking comet that was Dwight Jones?

Your Houston Texans signed him as an undrafted rookie free agent last year. Many Texans fans were excited about the signing, what with Jones having what some "experts" considered to be first-round talent (despite, uh, not being drafted by any team) and the Texans having a considerable vacuum at wide receiver. Jones promptly went on a local sports talk radio show and announced he was "the next Andre Johnson." We shook our collective head, hoping Jones could back up a fraction of that heresy.

Dwight Jones did not back up the heresy. He quickly set about making friends and influencing people, leading one person to tell Lance Zierlein that Jones was "a turd who doesn’t have the work ethic to make it in the league." Ouch. Well, Dwight had a ways to go to make it as a professional football player, sure, but it wasn't ov---.

Oh, it was over? Because Dwight Jones just stopped showing up to OTAs and summarily quit?

Despite that unceremonious departure, the Texans appeared to hold out some hope that Jones would come around. Instead of simply releasing him, the Texans placed Dwight Jones on the Reserve/Did Not Report List, which allowed them to retain his rights if he decided he wanted to play again.

Yesterday, the Texans admitted defeat.'s daily transactions report reflects that the Texans finally requested that Dwight Jones be placed on waivers.

I looked for any shred of news that would enlighten us as to what Jones has been doing since he walked away from the NFL more than a year ago. Alas, my search turned up nothing.