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Happy Father's Day From Battle Red Blog

A father, a son, and the Houston Texans.  Bang.
A father, a son, and the Houston Texans. Bang.
Bob Levey

If there's a better song encapsulating unassailable fatherly advice than "Outfit," I don't know what it is AND I DON'T WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT ANYWAY BECAUSE "OUTFIT" IS BEYOND REPROACH. Judge for yourself:

Here's hoping you have a great day today. Whether you're a father, a son, a daughter, or none of the above, make it count. Tell your old man you love him. Or put your children in a sleeper hold until they admit their affection for you.

If you want to share a favorite memory about your father or your children, regardless of whether they have something to do with the Texans or football, feel free to do so in the Comments. We did this last year, and I can say without reservation it had some of the best comments we've ever had here.