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Houston Texans Newswire: A.J. = Way Too Easy On Stephen A.

As much as I love my boy Skip Bayless (not), that "First Take" appearance yesterday was just awkward, man. Andre, it's not funny. Stephen A. Smith is an idiot and you need to tear him down. Instead, you're treating him like he's the Astrodome or something. Check out today's Newswire.

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Houston Texans News

Andre Johnson: Why Are You Laughing So Much?

Stephen A. Smith is totally dogging your boy, and you're all like, "deep chuckle-deep chuckle-deep chuckle-deep chuckle."

Andre Johnson on First Take (via RocketsRed)

No, seriously. Stop laughing. Get mad at the guy. If I was Matt Schaub, I would be pissed right now.


Kareem Jackson Needs To Get Paid.

The guy can't even afford to clone his own dog.


The Astrodome: Not Even That Nuclear Bomb From "Independence Day" Could Kill It.

For a low cost of $194 million, The Eighth Wonder of the World is going to be transformed into the "New Dome Experience." That's the plan, at least. We'll find out more June 25th, when a renovation proposed Wednesday by the Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation is formally presented to the Harris County Commissioners.

From what I can gather, the idea is to turn the Astrodome into the most badass convention center ever. They'd tear down those Medieval fortress-like circular ramp towers and the ticket windows, put a big green plaza out front, bring the ground level up to actual ground level, and install a series of huge windows to make the building look a little more aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, the plan one person proposed a few months back to put an artificial lake out front is not under consideration. Fortunately, nor is turning the symbol of my childhood - and my dad's childhood - into another parking lot in a city that already has too many of them.


Around The NFL

Aaron Hernandez Has Had Better Weeks.

Last summer, the New England Patriots gave star tight end Aaron Hernandez a five-year, $40 million contract. This summer, he's being listed as a possible suspect in the murder of a 27-year-old "associate." The murder happened only days after one of Hernandez's former friends filed a suit alleging that Hernandez had shot him in the face during an argument on Feb. 13. Not the best summer for Hernandez.

There don't seem to be many hard facts available thus far in the investigation. Most of the reports that seem ominous for the Hernandez camp are coming from anonymous "law enforcement sources." But it seems undeniable that Hernandez knew Odin Lloyd; that they were chilling the night of Lloyd's death; and, if Lloyd really did text a friend to say it, that Hernandez gave Lloyd a ride home from the bar that night. A general rule of thumb is that it's not good when a rental car taken out in your name - and which you were reportedly driving the night of the murder - is found near the crime scene.

As Joe Fortenbaugh at the National Football Post writes, the Hernandez drama is only the latest in a series of events that could foretell the beginning of the end of the Patriot Way, a phrase that will likely not survive the inevitable end of the Belichick-Brady era.

Then again, it's the Patriots. I'm sure they'll still kick our ass this year.


And Then There's Pollard.

Bernard Karmell Pollard is a man's man.

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I know I'm supposed to dislike him now, having played for the Baltimore Ravens and about to start playing for the Tennessee Titans, but I just don't. I can't. Not after the number of times he's brought a smile to my day with this clip.

Bernard Pollard cussing at Reggie Wayne on LIVE TV (via MattArchives)

Perhaps there will come a time this season when he does something Innegan-esque. I will probably start to hate him then. But until that happens, I just love to see him not apologize for using words in a figurative sense. No, America, "kill" does not always mean "end someone's life" when used among football players. Not even when affixed to three exclamation marks.

And Pollard wants Roger Goodell to know it:

"I really don't care what the commissioner is doing. I don't think he has ever played football. He has never played in the National Football League, and he has never walked in my shoes. And I haven't walked in his, either,'' Pollard said. "I don't know what he has to say about me, and to be perfectly honest, I don't care what he has to say about me. I know that we have to have that mentality to play the game. You have to be (ticked) off, and you have to do some things to (tick) other people off. ... If you don't like that, I'm sorry for you. We're not going to change, and we're not going to apologize.

"...My job is to play football. My job is not to talk to the commissioner. I like the way things have gone in my career. I fly under the radar and don't get in trouble. You are not going to hear about you and you are not going to see me. But I promise you this: On game day, you are going to hear my name and you are going to hear my helmet popping."


Justin Smith Set To Retire As A 49er.

The San Francisco 49ers gave defensive end Justin Smith a two-year extension on Wednesday, locking him up through 2015. Smith says he may not even make it that long, in what will be his last contract.


Pacman Jones Just Not Understanding Things.

No need for explanation if you have time to click on this link and listen to the audio. The best part is how he follows up with, "Excuse my French."