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SITE NEWS: A Reminder About BRB's Community Guidelines

Personal attacks, name-calling, and the tripe associated with either are not permitted at Battle Red Blog. This is a reminder about that policy. Failure to adhere to said policy will result in revocation of commenting privileges at BRB.

Thomas B. Shea

I'm catching up on some of the comments in recent posts here at your friendly neighborhood Texans site, and I'm noticing a disturbing trend among a handful of commenters. It would appear some members of the community could stand a refresher course on BRB's Community Guidelines (which you agree to abide by when you create an account here). One of those guidelines is as follows:

No, and we mean NO, personal attacks. Express disagreement about what's written all you want; that's what this forum is for. But the second you start attacking the person who wrote it, we reserve the right to ask you to move along.

Certain members of our community have either forgotten about that rule or chosen to disregard it. That stops now.

Talking about football does not require one to adhere to Victorian etiquette, but we're not asking too much when we ask everyone to be civil to each other. This means no name-calling or other attacks on fellow commenters. You can criticize, analyze, and argue about what's written without resorting to attacking the person who wrote it (e.g., " %$#@ing idiot"). There is simply no reason for anyone to be calling someone names, vulgar or otherwise. Take exception with the argument without berating the person who made it.

If you see a comment that violates that edict, please flag it and e-mail any of the BRB staff immediately. Having someone call you a name is not grounds for calling that person a name; just flag the comment, e-mail one of us, and move on without continuing the cycle and lowering the bar any further.

There's been far too much of this crap lately, so anyone who stoops to name-calling and personal attacks will be dealt with harshly, including but not limited to revocation of commenting privileges via a ban from this site.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and thank you for your assistance in making sure BRB stays the insightful and enjoyable community we've all enjoyed the past several years.