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New England Patriots Release Aaron Hernandez After His Arrest

We've known the arrest was coming for days. But the outright release of Aaron Hernandez so quickly after that arrest? Didn't see that coming.

Won't be seeing this for awhile.  Maybe ever.
Won't be seeing this for awhile. Maybe ever.

Wow. In a span of hours, Aaron Hernandez got arrested (we do not yet know what the charge(s) is/are) and joined the ranks of the unemployed. Make sure to check out Pats Pulpit's ongoing coverage of the Aaron Hernandez saga.

What's your reaction to the news of Hernandez's arrest and subsequent release? Admire the Patriots for taking a stand? Believe they acted too rashly and should have let the legal process play out? Thankful that as a fan of the Houston Texans you don't have to deal with this kind of stuff? The discussion begins in the Comments.