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Where Do The Houston Texans Rank Among NFL Teams In Arrests?

The answer might surprise you. Or, if you're a Texans fan, it probably won't surprise you at all. Nevertheless, check out where every NFL team ranks, plus marvel at other arrest data in chart form.

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Not Houston Texan worthy, as a certain QB might say.
Not Houston Texan worthy, as a certain QB might say.

A brave soul (I suppose it could have been more than one brave soul; I really don't know) took the time to break down player arrests by NFL team, division, position, year, and month since 2000. Not content to merely provide the data in written form, he (or she, or they) created actual charts and graphs of the results. Here's a link to the cool charts and graphs.

Note where your Houston Texans rank in arrests since 2000. Yes, I know the Texans didn't officially enter the sweepstakes until 2002, but still...dead last. A mere nine (9) arrests. That's solid, even if we should qualify their ranking by admitting they benefited from not having any eligible players in 2000 and 2001.

Maybe the Bengals should ask Bob McNair to speak at training camp about straightening up and flying right.

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