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Sam Montgomery Has Entered The Dojo

Sonic Sam has taken a liking to one veteran defensive presence, and he is already seeing results.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Ever since Sam Montgomery became one of the latest Texans draft picks, he has drawn comparisons to fellow Bull on Parade (and notable extrovert) Antonio Smith. Both have a sort of whimsical personality off the field, and both have terrifying potential on the field. An article by Tania Ganguli highlighted this duo and how their student-teacher relationship is already helping Montgomery make strides towards becoming a productive player.

"He keeps on teaching me everything," Montgomery said. "Being aggressive, doing different things, improving my game from small tech points, encouraging words, coming out here ready to fight and going 110 percent every day. Hand techniques, finishing blocks. Also playing with aggressive and violent hands.

"It's a different type of aggressive in the NFL. It's like an abusive aggressive on the field. He's teaching me what I need in detail and trying to critique my violence to be abusive."

Smith is widely regarded as one of the best technical pass rushers in the NFL, especially when it comes to hand usage and placement. Head fakes, swims, rips, and spins have all worked well for the Ninja in the last two seasons. Imagining Montgomery's raw strength mesh with Smith's technical refinement already gets me giddy. J.J. Watt (hallowed be thy name) is also now known for his nigh indefensible swim move, and I have to think that a lot of that came from Smith's teaching. If the Ninja can have half as much success with the man they call "Sonic" as he did with the man they call "JuggerWatt," we might have ourselves a winner.