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Houston Texans Injuries: LT Duane Brown Had Surgery This Morning

The All-Pro left tackle of your Houston Texans, Duane Brown, had surgery this morning. What exactly went wrong?

Big dude can bend.
Big dude can bend.
Bob Levey

As Mr. Corzo so eloquently FanShotted (yes, those are still a thing) this morning, via Houston Chronicle writer extraordinaire Tania Ganguli, Houston Texans left tackle Duane Brown had surgery this morning to remove bone spurs from his ankle.

At least this wasn't a secret surgery that we found out about months down the road. Am I right, guys and gals? Moving on, what prompted this and, better yet, how long will Duane Brown be on the shelf?

Long term, this probably is much ado about nothing. Brown's an All-Pro tackle and doesn't need to be out in shorts and a shirt. Getting this cleaned up now is better than having it nag him all year long. Short term, the Texans have a lot of younger guys, and Ryan Harris, getting snaps with their two probable starters on the shelf from surgery. How you doing, Derek Newton?

Thoughts, Texans faithful? Little issue? Big issue? Getting nervous about tackle depth? Glad this wasn't kept a secret?