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Ed Reed: "I Will Be There The First Game...Unless [We] Decide To Do Things Differently"

I'm sensing a theme in light of Ed Reed's latest comments about his readiness for the opening of the Texans' regular season. #REEDWATCH is going to be forever, isn't it?

Ed Reed is trolling the lot of us.
Ed Reed is trolling the lot of us.

Texans fans responded to Ed Reed's remarks at the White House yesterday in different ways. Some took it as a bad sign. Others took it as much ado about nothing.

This morning, Ed Reed went on "NFL AM" and cleared everything up. Marc Sessler has the story. Ed says:

"I can't speak about Week 1 because I'm rehabbing right now," Reed said Thursday. "I don't know what the future holds. I know my rehab is going well. I know I am probably ahead of schedule, but at the same time I still got to take it slow. We are in June right now. I'm usually full-throttle, running and everything right about now, but I'm not at that point to where I'm running. So it's definitely been a challenge, but I'm always up for that."

After declaring he couldn't speak on Week 1, Reed went on to do just that:

"My whole plan, my focus, like I told (general manager) Rick Smith ... I told him my plan, my goal is to be there that first game. I will be there the first game. I don't look for anything being different, unless me and the team, coach (Gary) Kubiak, decide to do things differently. If we do that, that's about being smart because at the end of the day, it's about being there in November, December, January, February when we are making that trip to New York (for the Super Bowl)."

Whew. Glad Ed shined a definitive light on the situation. He's going to be ready for Week 1, unless he's not. Rest easy, Texans fans. Nothing to see here.