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Houston Texans Newswire: Prepare The Thunderdome!

Reed attempts to ease concern about his injury, NFL's future overseas, and more in this edition of the Newswire.

All in...London?
All in...London?

Houston Texans News

Prepare the Thunderdome!

Now that #ReedWatch is back in effect. We know that Reed was at the White House with his former Ravens teammates. He talked with the President about turning gray. Today, he went on NFL AM and talked about his recovery from hip surgery.

"I can't speak about Week 1 because I'm rehabbing right now," Reed said Thursday.

Reed is making the point to say "this is all a part of the plan". That's all well and good, but to steal another line form the Dark Knight - "You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." What will happen if Reed isn't on the field for extended amount of time? Shiloh Keo will become a sacrificial lamb on the BRB pyre.


Around the League

London Jaguars? London Bucs?

Jason La Canfora goes in-depth on the idea of NFL jumping the pond and having a full time franchise in London. This isn't your father's older brother's NFL Europe. As the ideas for new cash cows dry up, Roger Goodell's eye will drift elsewhere for steady streams of cash. Mexico City, Toronto, and London could be the next home to an NFL team. After Los Angeles gets a team or two. Maybe.


Alex Smith has a laser-rocket arm?

The Kansas City Star is reporting that Smith has been chucking it up in organized team activities. I'll believe when I see in the regular season. The Chiefs will be an interesting team to watch come next season. They sent six players to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. They have a new coach and a new quarterback. We will see how the Texans handle the "new" Alex Smith on October 20.


Retreading the AFC South.

Former number one running backs, Beanie Wells and Ahmad Bradshaw, are peddling their services in the AFC South. Bradshaw is talking with the Colts. Wells hopes to catch on with the Jags, who appear to have a full depth chart at this point, with MJD, former Texan Justin Forsett, and Denard Robinson. A few questions remain: How much tread is left on their tires? Who will be dumb enough to bet on them come fantasy time? If hey do sign, who will be cut for two of the most injury prone running backs in the NFL?


RGIII back by training camp?

The Redskins' franchise quarterback is five months removed from his reconstructive knee surgery. The former Baylor Bear is still unable to plant and cut, but the idea of RGIII being back to full health Week One isn't a pipe dream anymore.

"I feel a lot more comfortable," Griffin said. "I felt good today, that's what I'm excited about after four straight days."

Thankfully for Mike Shanahan, he didn't fully destroy his meal ticket. My Redskins fan of a father has been replaying that game over and over again with me this offseason. "He could barely walk! How could you leave him in?" If RGIII had been lost for an extended amount of time this season, Dad would have had his own personal ‘red wedding' at Redskins Park.


While We Are Here....

Head over to The Crawfish Boxes for coverage of tonight's MLB Draft. It's like the NFL, except you have to draft for 4-5 years down the road.