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Houston Texans Newswire: Home Improvement > Practice

Tim Dobbins was just working on his house, all right? Now that OTAs are finally over, it's time to give the guy a break and focus on making sure this Bum Phillips opera actually happens.

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Houston Texans News

We Finally Have Our Answer.

Tim Dobbins is doing a little home improvement back in Nashville.

"I knew he had a project going on with constructing his house," Texans defensive end Antonio Smith said Thursday. "But you know, sometimes people don't understand and think we're just football players. I understand we all got to make sacrifices, but he's basically making sacrifices for his family I guess. I can't blame him for that. I know Dobbins is going to come and play like Dobbins do, I can tell you that. I have no doubt in my mind about that."

He could have just said that right off the bat.

Listen, as long as Dobbins isn't hanging out with this Orlando Shaw character back in Nashville, I'm ready to drop this issue.

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The End Of OTAs

Off-season organized team activities (OTAs) came to a close on Thursday, and Texans head coach Gary Kubiak sounded pretty pleased with what he'd seen from this year's top two draft picks in such a short amount of time:

"I think it was a good 10 days," Kubiak said Thursday. "Today, we were just teaching and doing some situational stuff. I think the biggest thing is we threw some young players in some very tough positions. You look at [D.J.] Swearinger and where he got thrown into right away because of Ed [Reed] not being here. Then you look at us taking [DeAndre] Hopkins, our number one [pick], so I think we've come a long way as a team. Instead of it taking us two weeks to go through that in camp, I think those guys are much more advanced."

The young ones will get a lot more runs during the mandatory mini-camp that runs from June 11-13. Kubiak said most of the veterans will be resting, just as they did for the majority of OTAs. Which, by the way, is why Tim Dobbins' absence made about as much sense as a fifth grader cutting class on a movie day.



Deception, greed, and the wiliness of a man with presidential gray hair have defined the Ed Reed Era thus far in Houston. And it's really been harshing my vibe. The consensus is building that Reed's chances of starting Week 1 are about as high as this Fathead of Matt Schaub: The College Years selling out by the Fourth of July. The big free agent signing of 2013 is quickly reaching The Worst Thing Ever status. Walder Frey has thrown weddings more enjoyable than #REEDWATCH. And yet, for all the chatter about Reed's absence, it's Houston's gaping hole at the right tackle position that could be an even bigger cause for concern.

All-Pro left tackle Duane Brown's recent surgery to remove bone spurs in his right foot does not sound like a huge deal. It's the other side of the offensive line that could become one. Who's going to fill the void in protecting our slow and aging quarterback when he runs his favorite play towards that side? Derek Newton's status is unknown, and the Great Black Otaku won't be ready to even practice until training camp.

If you know who the Great Black Otaku is, congratulations on having Twitter. That's the handle that third round pick Brennan Williams chose for himself. Take a moment to read about the etymology if you want to get a general grasp on his personality.

OH MY GAH! (via animefreak363)

At least the guy we drafted to eventually take over for Reed at safety sounds ready to play today. D.J. Swearinger will quite possibly be starting at San Diego. It's anybody's guess who will step up at right tackle. Who knows, though? Maybe these injuries will end up being a lucky break for the franchise.

David Quessenberry, this could be your opportunity.


Did This Really Happen?

If so, then Earl Mitchell is basically living the life of Donovan McNabb's Chunky Soup commercial persona.


Not A Fan Of The Opera? Now You Are.

There are 23 days left to donate to the Bum Phillips Opera that some experimental theater folks in New York City are looking to premier in 2014. I've never seen an opera, so I'm not quite sure how this will work. Here is the vision of those who hope to produce it:

The opera will be an epic portrait combining aspects of Phillips' life using the structure of a football game, exploring how one man's passion fueled an entire city's hope and examining his ability to overcome strife through resilience and faith.

Can't wait to see who plays Wade.


Around the NFL

RGIII Making ACL Tears Look Like Stubbing Your Toe.

He says he may be back by training camp.


The Window By The Bay

Fun fact for anyone who wants to know how the 49ers went from being the worst team in the NFL from 2003-2010 to the one with the biggest championship window: 41 of the 59 players on their Super Bowl roster were either drafted or signed as undrafted free agents by San Francisco.

Having one of the league's most promising quarterbacks playing for the NFL equivalent of McDonald's money doesn't hurt, either.


Here Are Some Teams That Don't Have Cheap Quarterbacks

The next time the thought of Matt Schaub's large contract gives you pains, just think about what the Detroit Lions and New York Giants are going to have to dish out this season for their QBs.


Seahawks Are Always Sleepless in Seattle.

The Seattle Seahawks are not interested in "Hard Knocks," which sucks. I guess they're all just way too laser-focused on the task at hand to invite in the distractions that the HBO show would create. As in, really, really focused. Like the kind of focus you get from taking prescription medication. Like, "Oh my God, I have to write a 20-page paper tonight" kind of focused.

That was an Adderall joke.


The NFL's Official Network, Also The Official Network Of Big Brother.

Actually, I take back what I said last time implying that I wished I had Verizon so I could stream NFL games.

I'm sure they're the only ones whose phone records the National Security Agency is using to spy on us.