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Show Off Your Houston Texans Memorabilia

Be a show-off and show off any Texans memorabilia, merchandise and paraphernalia you've collected over the years. What good is it all if you can't brag about it on the Internet?

Bob Levey

Howdy, folks, another Sunday without football, but one more Sunday closer to Sundays WITH football! In the meantime let's play a little Show and Tell. Behold!


I acquired this beauty a few years ago from an acquaintance who won it off Lottery scratch-off ticket. Only cost me $50. Included with the jersey was a certificate of authenticity that's floating around somewhere in my apartment.

I wish I could say that I got it from Andre Johnson himself after trading it for a cold, refreshing bottle of Coca-Cola, but not all things are meant to be.

Have a Happy Sunday and let us bask in the glory of your financial devotion to our beloved Texans in the comments below.

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