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He's Baaaaaaaaaaaack: Brian Cushing Cleared To Return To Action

Dr. James Andrews has given Brian Cushing the green light to return just in time for training camp.

Oh dear, you've made me angry.  You shouldn't make me angry.
Oh dear, you've made me angry. You shouldn't make me angry.
Bob Levey

After missing almost three quarters of last season, Brian Cushing has been cleared to resume his normal duties of terrorizing quarterbacks, pulverizing running backs into mush, and generally causing mayhem for the opposing offense.

For Texans fans, the news couldn't be more welcome. Before Cushing was injured in a low-down, dirty, slimy, good-for-nothing cut block from former Jets guard Matt Slauson (yes, I am still bitter about that), the Texans' defense was virtually unstoppable. Once Cushing was done for the year, Tim Dobbins filled his spot could just tell that something wasn't right about the defense afterward.

While he has been given the green light, do not expect the Texans to rush Cushing back to full speed during training camp. Personally, I'd feel better if he didn't even have to walk to the practice field. Maybe he can ride one of the rookies onto the field so he doesn't inadvertently re-aggravate his ACL.

Isn't that what rookies are for, anyway?

Add your thoughts on the return of Cushing below.