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Battle Red Newswire: Rick Smith Expects Ed Reed Back Week One

Rick Smith talks about Ed Reed's return and Brian Urlacher does not wish well for the Bears in this edition of the Newswire.

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Houston Texans News

Smith Talks Reed.

Texans General Manager Rick Smith sat down with to talk about the Texans and Ed Reed. #ReedWatch was put back into full effect after the safety had surgery on his hip. Smith is hopeful about Reed's recovery and readiness for Week 1:

"(Reed's) rehab is going well," Smith said. "The thing that is important, and we're focused on, is to make sure he's there Week 1 when we start playing for real."

If Reed is kept out for any amount of time, expect the Texans to play more of rookie D.J. Swearinger and BRB's ‘favorite' player Shiloh Keo.


Anchorman: Chester Pitts.

Former Texans lineman Chester Pitts has come a long way from bagging groceries. Pitts will be joining Houston's NBC affiliate KPRC as a member of the sports staff. Pitts was already working as weekend analyst and frequent guest on "Sports Sunday" on Channel 2. Pitts will help fill the void left by Gary Striewski, who joined NESN in June.


Kubiak is Middle of the Road.

CBS Sports senior NFL writer Pete Prisco ranked all 32 current head coaches in the NFL.

Coach Kubiak enters the list at number 16, in between Pete Carroll and Leslie Frazier.

16. Gary Kubiak, Houston Texans: He is one of the class acts of coaching. He is even-keeled and never seems to lose it. But there are some who think his stoic ways carry over to his team with the way they play. He seemed on the verge of getting fired when the Texans went 6-10 in 2010, but he's responded to go 22-10 the last two seasons. He does a nice job with that offense.

While I might not disagree with this ranking, the idea of ‘ranking' coaches must be taken with a grain of salt. What are the criteria for evaluating a coach, outside of winning?


Around the League

Dolphins Hold Off on Leach for Now.

Miami appears to be content with not signing former Pro-Bowl fullback Vonta Leach. No team, including the Texans, seems to be in a rush to sign Leach. Time off from camp won't hurt the eight-year veteran, but it may be a ploy to lower Leach's asking price.


Urlacher: Grumpy Retiree.

Of course, any interview with Brian Urlacher this offseason will include questions about the 2013 Bears. Urlacher was complete on honest in his answer:

"Like I said, I've got a lot of friends on the team, but I don't want them to win the Super Bowl without me."

Tell me how you really feel, Brian.


Brent Calls It a Career.

The media following the Josh Brent case will now have to use "former Cowboy Josh Brent" when referring to him. Brent has made the decision to retire from football. The Cowboys have gone out of their way to step in and help the troubled lineman. Brent is still awaiting trial for intoxication manslaughter of his former teammate Jerry Brown.


Tiki Burns Both Ways.

Former Giants running back Tiki Barber burned a few bridges as he left New York in 2007, calling out Eli Manning on his leadership. Tiki has changed his tune of late, saying Eli has a chance at being a top-five quarterback of all time and that he is already better then Peyton. This may or may not be an attempt to get back in the good graces with the Giants fans and front office, but it's definitely an attempt to get attention for Barber (I guess it worked). Barber has been in a tailspin since leaving NBC, and you now can get an appearance by Tiki for a mere $4,000.