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Houston Texans Newswire: The Dog Days Of Summer

The Texans' well runs dry, Rockets attempt to woo Dwight Howard, and more in this edition of the Newswire.

Thomas B. Shea

Houston Texans Sports News

Hopkins Expected to Hit the Ground Running.

Steve Wyche and Eric Davis of NFL Network talked about the skill position rookies that will have the biggest impact in 2013 season. At the top of Eric Davis' list was DeAndre Hopkins. Hopkins is set up for success - the rookie wide receiver will not get the double team, he is on a team full of weapons, and the Texans have a running attack to balance the field. See for yourself here.

The well has run dry for the Texans. Let's switch to another Houston team for a moment.


Houston Makes its Pitch to D12.

Like it or not, the Houston Rockets are going all in on Dwight Howard. The Rockets are cutting the fat wherever they can to get Howard a max deal. Daryl Morey brought the big guns for the meeting with Howard-- James Harden, Chandler Parsons, Clyde Drexler, and Hakeem Olajuwon. There was even a special guest appearance by Yao Ming via Skype. Of course, the reports after the meeting were all positive. One of the main story lines was the fact that Howard wants another ‘Big Three'.

Two problems with that situation: the only other ‘star' (if I could make those quotations any bigger I would) left on the free agent market is Josh Smith. The quality and quantity of Smith's shot selection leave a bit to be desired. Two, if my memory services me well, Miami's big three each took a small pay cut to create their ‘super team'. Harden already has a max contract, and Howard will not settle for less. Where will the money come from for a third ‘star'? At this point the third star will be Chandler Parsons, and most Rockets fans will take that.

Howard may not be worth the trouble, but the NBA is a league dominated by its top players. The Rockets will only have so many chances to get a second or third star player.

At the very least, slim thug has a very compelling argument for Houston.

For more updates on the Rockets, follow The Dream Shake.


Around the League

Stadium Seat, Sweet Stadium Seat.

The Jaguars are contemplating the idea of allowing fans in the stadium to have access to RedZone. Teams have been feverishly attempting to keep fans at the stadium and away from their high definition televisions. I'm sure Jaguars fans would rather be watching RedZone than the team of the field anyways.


Over My Dead Body, NFL.

Former Green Bay Packer Gary Knafelc believes the NFL is attempting to sweep players that played before 1970 under the rug. Six feet under the rug, to be exact. The former Packers tight end believes the league and the Players Association has shut out players that played before the 1970. Life after football has become a hot topic for recent players, but lets not forget those who started it all.


Portis After Football.

Speaking of life after football, Clinton Portis caught up with CBS Sports' Mike Freeman. Even though Portis believes he has had more then 10 concussions, he has had no aftereffect from playing football. He is one the rare cases where he was able to walk away under his own power into retirement. The former Redskins running back reflects on his time in Washington and retirement.