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Houston Texans Reach Agreements With D.J. Swearinger And Brennan Williams

The Houston Texans have now officially signed all their rookies prior to veterans reporting to training camp. Huzzah!

"I got money for e'erybody!"
"I got money for e'erybody!"

After this morning's news about DeAndre Hopkins' four-year agreement, it was only a matter of time before second round pick D.J. Swearinger and third round pick Brennan Williams got on board. Take it away, Mr. Berman.

You know what this means, right?

Surprisingly, the Texans were able to squeeze all their picks in without restructuring or extending any other contracts. Hats off to Rick Smith and Chris Olsen for being able to pull that off. So much for all that noise about Wade Smith, Antonio Smith, and Brian Cushing (this one still gets done in early August), right?

As for the rookies, Swearinger should get plenty of opportunities on the field this season. With Ed Reed rehabbing, the new Ballhawk Gamecock should see reps with the first team. When Reed returns, Swearinger should be the nickel safety and a special teams ace while he rotates to keep Reed fresh.

Williams could snag Derek Newton's job if he can stay healthy, demonstrate he's in football shape, and show off the physical abilities that had Houston enamored with him.

Thoughts, BRBers? With contracts agreed upon, are you ready for camp?